Modified: Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Recent Projects

Credit Card Application Outsourcing

Delivered to a fixed deadline with high quality under tight budget constraints.

Managed multiple teams building interfaces between legacy applications and the TSYS TS2 hosted application. Responsible for in house and third party developers building new applications for customer billing, electronic bill presentment and statement archiving. Provided leadership, mentoring and coaching to project managers, business analysts and developers.

Java POS Implementation

Reduced customer transaction time.
Improved inventory accuracy.
Eased staff training requirements.

Managed the customization and implementation of a state of the art point of sale system. Integrated the sales process with telecommunications network provisioning (wireline, wireless, internet, satellite) over the internet.

Internet Commerce Architecture

Improved the online shopping experience.
Reduced fulfillment cost and cycle time.

For a large telecommunications carrier, developed a plan to integrate existing web-based sales with SAP fulfillment operations.

SAP Implementation

Completed within budget ($7 million).
Improved the performance of merchandising operations.
Eliminated the systems constraint on business processes.

For a mid-size specialty retailer, managed the replacement of all head office systems (merchandising, logistics and financials) with an early release of SAP for retail. Overall responsibility for project success and budget, managing company staff and the systems integrator.

IT Architecture

Removed barriers between departments.
Improved client service.
Reduced time-to-market for new products.

For a start-up PCS operator, developed an integrated systems and network architecture. Laid out the technical infrastructure and applications architecture to support the launch of two wireless networks, and explosive company growth.

Technical Architecture

Designed a new set of systems and technologies to support a three-year program to reengineer business processes and reduce operating expenses.

For a large retailer, defined the technologies to migrate from mainframe to client server and implemented pilot projects, including Unix servers, messaging middleware, and development software. Initiated projects to support changing business practices for products, suppliers and distribution networks.

Data Warehouse

Executive monitoring of key business indicators.
Marketing analysis of customer demographics and profitability.

Sold senior management on the need for a data warehouse to understand the company's products and customers. Managed a project plan focused on rapid delivery of benefits and incremental development. Designed the data strategy, and selected the technologies for data capture, transformation and storage, metadata management, query and reporting.

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